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If you've read enough of my site, you're aware that there is a way to get free microsoft points; however, if you're just interested in purchasing them, there are many different ways you can go about doing it. The first is going to the store and picking up a physical gift card with a code you'll just redeem on the Xbox Live account management. Another option would be to add a credit cards information onto your account and purchase them directly on Xbox Live. You can buy them online through the Xbox home page or you can have a code emailed to you from Amazon. The different options are going to determine how much you pay for how many points. Personally, I get all of my microsoft points for free, but if you'd rather just purchase them, here is what I'd suggest.

The best value is going to come through bulk points. Buy the biggest card you can afford and intend to use. When I did purchase my Microsoft Points I did it through Amazon. Amazon allows people who buy in bulk to sell them to you. You'll often save a few dollars per card by buying through Amazon. Stores are required to sell at the $20 per 1,600 points, but when it's bought in bulk and sold online they have more room to make a profit than a store does. Otherwise, you might as well purchase on your Xbox. It doesn't require a trip to the store and it's quick and safe to do.

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