Before the end of the year, Microsoft has announced that xbox live gold users will be able to use their Xbox 360 consoles to watch live tv. This would be a huge step towards dominance of the console market. If they allowed HD television it could save it's users a lot of money that needs to be spent on the HD cable box. If you want to watch HD tv, you'll need to have this extra box, at least for my cable company. It requires an initial payment plus payment for each month to continue it. If the Xbox 360 could replace this, it'd be the cheapest option plus you'd get a video game console.

It's nice to see them focusing back on the Xbox Live service. It's been a while since the older gamers are seeing some advantages geared towards them as opposed to these stupid avatars they've been working on and kinect features. This puts them a step ahead of the Playstation Network that has been playing catchup for a while. They are getting the same features as Xbox Live slowly but surely.

The real question is, what will we have to do to watch it. It could require a larger monthly fee. Some theorize you'd still need your full cable plan; however, you will be able to link it to your Xbox 360 account to be able to watch television from it since many of the content companies wouldn't allow such cheap usage of their networks. They think there will still be commercials which you'd need to have anyways for live events.

This will be a great innovation and addition to the Xbox Live subscription. It may even be a cheaper option than cable if things work out well. Supposed to be launching before Christmas this year. Stay tuned for more announcements from Microsoft regarding the operation and usage of this unique and awesome feature.