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Free Microsoft Points, doesn't everyone ask for these? Many people search for Codes, however have no luck in getting them, unless someone is being really nice and when does that happen? Almost never. Thus, you may turn to Generators, in hope that you could get unlimited points, however this doesn't work either, and you only end up getting a virus. But, just but, there is a way where you can get Free Microsoft Points Codes just by doing a few simple surveys and offers. They don't take much time and are great ways to legally earn prizes. Best of all, you don't pay a penny and no credit card info or trial "offers" are ever required. Even BBC and NBC, two huge TV Stations, had a segment on these sites. You know why? Because these sites are legit and you can really get Free Microsoft Points. Below are the steps on how to do so and how I got mine:

1) Create a free account at the Rewards site HERE. Plus, with that link, you start out with 250 points! Also, only simple information is required such as your email. I recommend putting your real email address so they can send your Free Microsoft Points Codes. They will NEVER spam your e-mail address.

    Free Microsoft Points

2) Now that you have created an account and confirmed your email, you are now ready to do surveys. To get your codes, you must complete several surveys which should take around 30 minutes.

3) You can now redeem your prize! After you have earned enough points you can get your Free Microsoft Points, XBox LIVE, or anything on sent directly to your email free! Just go to the Spend Points tab, then Find a Prize and search for what you want, it's that simple! I hope you enjoy your free prizes and realize that this site is legit!

Free Microsoft Points can easily be e mailed to your email as well as delivered to your own home. The very first thing you must do to get your Free Microsoft Points is to create your free account at the Rewards web site. When you finally signup, make sure that you confirm the verfication email. As soon as you do that, you are all set to get started. Click on earn points inside the navigation menu and then click on on free offers.

Free Microsoft Points

Sort out those offers by approval rate to obtain the best offers which are more than likely to give you your points. Find out about the most notable offer, complete it, after which you can mark it as being completed. Once you complete your very first offer, you obtain your 250 points reward. You only require around 1500 points to have your Free Microsoft Points Codes!

Free Microsoft Points

Every offer will present to you the amount of points you'll get immediately after completion. Whenever you reach the necessary quantity of points, check out spend points and request your Free Microsoft Points to be sent to you! Accomplishing this couldn’t get any simpler. When you have any questions, feel free to ask it on the message boards of Rewards1. There's lots of places where you can search for help should you have any questions or concerns in the future.

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